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How to Heal Female Rivalries
This powerhouse will help women to become their authentic self, heal relationships with female sisters, while at the same time, help men to understand women and how the males in their lives perpetuate the problem. 
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Author and Founder

Foreword: An Interview with Dr. Maya Angelou

Cathy Holloway Hill

I am Cathy Holloway Hill, Founder & CEO of C. Holloway Hill Enterprises. It is my passion to enhance, empower, educate and motivate individuals to live an authentic life.
I graduated high school at 16 years old, completed my BS in Computer Science at 19, and began working for the global dynasty (IBM) at the tender age of 19. After 28 years of Corporate success of breaking the glass ceiling, I voluntarily walked away to pursue my passion and purpose of transforming lives! 
I've received numerous Leadership awards in my Corporate career, and received my Masters in Psychology upon the start-up of C. Holloway Hill Enterprises.


What motivates females of multiple ethnicities to bully, trash-talk, sabotage, and humiliate one another? How can so many women form close relationships while at the same time secretly gossiping, competing, betraying, backstabbing, and envying?


This book will show women how to have closer, healthier and more authentic relationships with each other and themselves.


Cathy Holloway Hill, Life Strategist and Psychologist breaks it down with her own experiences, tools, and behaviors to stop this epidemic head on. 


Readers will discover:

. Why it happens 

. How society & media reinforces hostile behavior 

. What men think about it 

. How friends & family perpetuate the problem

. What to look out for among competitive female co-workers

. How the female brain is wired

. Female celebrities weigh in with advice

. Critical steps for healing 

. And much more!

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