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Our Vision:

To be a world-class leader in providing personal and professional career development consulting.

Who Owns Your Identity?


Cathy's signature Keynote, Motivational Presentation, and workshop focuses on the critical life problem we all face sooner or later - allowing others to define us. This highly sought presentation helps individuals to discover their true authentic self and align your life around it instead of living to please others. This is a powerful life-changing interactive presentation that never disappoints! Audiences are shocked and amazed to discover that they have unknowingly created a "MASK" they wear to conceal their pain, shame, fear, and other toxic emotions.

Cathy Holloway Hill

Motivational Presentations


All of our motivational presentations are designed to enhance and advance the lives of individuals through empowerment, self-discovery, spiritual awareness, emotional cleansing, mental health, and self-esteem building. Very few people know who they are, what they want from life or how to get it.

Cathy Holloway Hill

Individual Coaching Sessions


Our individual one-on-one coaching sessions will provide our clients the opportunity to have individual attention working together to design life on their own terms. The most critical aspect that determines life success is our relationships and healthy emotional control. At. C. Holloway Hill Enterprises, we pride ourselves on our success in helping our clients to build healthy long-lasting personal and professional relationships. Workbooks, audio CDs, and all materials are included.

Cathy Holloway Hill

GROUP Coaching Sessions


Our GROUP coaching sessions offer our clients the opportunity to have interactive sessions at a significantly reduced rate! Clients have an opportunity to work alongside me, interact with other participants, and together achieve their desired goals. Workbooks, audio CDs, and all materials are included in the GROUP sessions.

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