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This Page Contains 2016 Public Events & Training Only 

Please register to attend!

The PowHERful Conference

July 23, 2016

New York, NY

The Soledad O'Brien and Brad Raymond's "Starfish Foundation's PowHERful™ Summit is a full day of empowerment with an emphasis on educational, professional, and personal development for high school juniors and seniors and college-aged participants. We feature industry experts who present curriculum in areas like digital and financial literacy, STEM, workforce development, college preparedness, health and wellness and more. Morning and afternoon keynotes by inspiring leaders are a highlight.


My workshop "Who Owns Your Identity?" will be one of the features in this powerful day-long event.


Valentine's Day Special Show!

February 9, 2016 on Blogtalk Radio

Valentine's Day is approaching and for some, it can present some emotional challenges. Well tune in to "Conversations With Kathy" for a special one hour segment coming up on February 9th at 6pm (EST) for "SINGLE LADIES CLAP YOUR HANDS!" My guest will be Cathy Holloway Hill Television Talk Show host of Living By Design, Author and Life Design Strategist. 


We have some great topics to discuss and inviting you to call in for questions. Cathy will also talk about her book Lies, Love and Life. Although this segment is geared toward single ladies, there are powerful take-always for all. So married ladies, please join us! 

The Girl Boss Conference

March 5, 2016 - Birmingham, AL

If you live near the Birmingham, AL area, then get ready to be educated, motivated, rejuvenated, informed, and transformed to the NEW life that you want!


The Girl Boss Network is committed to helping women entrepreneurs and business leaders expand their network, share best practices and increase business opportunities through education, networking and community. In addition to our quarterly networking event, the Girl Boss Networking Salon, we will host the annual Girl Boss Network Conference, held in Historic Birmingham, AL. The conference gathers together an amazing group of entrepreneurs and game changers for a full day of workshops, collaboration, and fun with access to speakers who are TOP in their professions! Get YOUR business center stage at any of these events by becoming a vendor or sponsor. For more information, and to register, click HERE!

My partnership with IUPUI offers a magnificent opportunity to enhance your Leadership Skills as a small business owner as well as Leading a team in the Corporate workplace.


Click this link to register for the the 2016 sessions: "Transforming Managers to Leaders":








Transforming Managers to Leaders© is a crucial workshop for all individuals who want to understand the criticality of creating and sustaining full employee engagement. In today’s competitive environment, “task” skill training (technology, finance, admin, etc) is not enough.  People need a sense of purpose – they need to believe their work is aligned with a higher cause, and in order for companies to be successful, employees must understand WHY they do what they do and align it with the values and beliefs of their employers. Organizational failure occurs when people are not motivated and lack crucial life skills to perform their job roles. 


Why do certain leaders and organizations stand head and shoulders above others in history (i.e., Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Oprah)? What makes them unique from other Leaders? These individuals understand what it takes to lead and inspire others to discover and uncover their unique brilliance, and they empower them to unleash that brilliance in their lives and the organization.


This workshop offers the tool-set, skill-set, and mind-set to help you learn and embody this Leadership ability leading to full employee engagement while creating a culture conducive for team/relationship building and customer loyalty. Once you learn the 3 most critical aspects of what differentiates managers from leaders, you will transform your workplace from a re-active environment to a fully engaged pro-active team (eliminating conflict, chaos, confusion, and competition) leading to enhanced morale, reduced turnover, increased productivity, and most importantly, increased profits. Are you ready to transform yourself and your team from ordinary to extraordinary? If so, click HERE to sign up!

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